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Silicone extrusion line

The product portfolio of BOCO PARDUBICE machines includes complete extrusion lines for extruding profiles and hoses from silicone compounds of different hardness..

with screw diameter of 75 a 90 mm 

Hot-air vulcanisation tunnel 
for vulcanisation of solid and foam silicone profiles

Vertical hot-air vulcanisation oven  for vulcanisation of silicone profiles and hoses

Cutting device



Hot-air vulcanisation tunnel is designed for vulcanisation of solid and foam silicone profiles. The equipment guarantees homogeneous cross-linking of the silicone compound throughout the entire cross-section of the product. The principle of its operation is based on the circulation of hot air along the passing profile. The tunnel is designed as a modular unit, made up of sections with a length of 2 m. Therefore, configurations with functional lengths of 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 14 m and 16 m can be supplied.
Each section contains two zones with different speeds of hot air flow:
- the first zone is the outer zone, where the air circulates at a low speed
- the second zone is the inner one, where the air circulates at high speed 

The speed and temperature of the hot air can be set separately for each 2 m section. Thanks to this modularity, the tunnel can be optimally adapted to the customer's production range.
The temperature of the air inside the oven can be set in the range of 20-350°C and its speed can be adjusted from 0 to 50 m/s depending on the profile geometry and the type of silicone compound used.
The new technology of the high-speed hot air vulcanising furnace brings many advantages:

  • low environmental impact, both in terms of pollution
  • energy savings
  • increased work safety 
  • high quality of the final product

    Vertical hot-air vulcanisation oven  is designed for vulcanisation of silicone profiles and hoses. This type of oven enables a continuous vulcanisation process even at high line speeds.

    Product intended for vulcanisation:

    • enters the oven through the upper opening
    • passes through the vertical heated shaft where the vulcanisation takes place 
    • exits through the lower opening.

    The shaft is designed as an insulated split cylinder. The advantage of this solution is easy checking and cleaning of the oven inside. The entire heated shaft can then be positioned in height by means of a lifting gearbox located directly on the mounting leg of the machine.

    To optimize temperatures of the production process and reduce energy consumption, the oven is equipped with an "IRIS" shutter at both the inlet and outlet. The shutter allows very tight surrounding of the passing product and prevents unwanted heat leakage. The result is steady vulcanisation and excellent dimensional stability.
    Thanks to the vertical orientation, contact between the product and the oven surface is prevented when the product passes through the oven.

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