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BOCO - The trademark of the premium quality

Generally, the plastic materials have become more demanding. One of the biggest problems is continually increasing wear of screws and barrels under stress in the extruders and injection machines. The wear out is directly proportional to the increasing demands for the highest possible usage of the plastic materials of a very high quality with higher processing temperature and of a number of abrasively effective full-valued and reinforced mixed substances which improve the properties of plastic material products. In order to minimize the production interruptions and at the same time to guarantee the highest quality possible on the side of the product during the manufacturing and renovation of screws and barrels, the materials that eliminate the premature wear must be utilized.

BOCO - The close cooperation with the real experience

The research works close to the practice, know-how and the years-long experience are mutually interconnected with the cooperation with the experts and distributors of the above-mentioned weld deposit materials, with manufacturers and producers of the plastic materials and the university institutions. This common research is a guarantee that for the final products of the BOCO Company, only the materials, at present on the highest world technological level, are used. Due to these productive results, the BOCO Company has become the leading company on the domestic market and it has been acquiring promising contacts in other European countries as well.

BOCO - The advancement and development in technology - the standard for the future

The BOCO Company has continually invested into research and development of automated machining and welding-on facilities including new production procedures with one main objective: To supply the customers really fast, reliably and to their full satisfaction. The actual variety of the specially modified machine tools, grinding machines, modern semi-automatic welding-on machines and tools for mechanized production and repair amenities assures the optimal cost during processing.
All materials suitable for the above-described welding-on technology and the ones which are produced and directly developed by the world leading prestigious companies specializing in the weld deposit materials, are immediately put into the test operation where all their parameters are closely monitored and consequently evaluated. After testing, these materials are registered in accordance with their specification, which assures their proper utilization in practice.

BOCO - Certification

The quality management system according to the requirements of the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2015 was in BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o. certified by TÜV CZ certificate.

The certificates are available below for download in PDF format.

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