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Extruders for processing of silicone mixtures EB-S

All of our extruders are equipped with a Rossi gearbox and a feed roller for ideal picking up the silicone mixture. Extruders are ready for connecting of a cooling medium. All important parts of the extruder (barrel, underhopper part, feed roller and screw) are ready for cooling.

Our barrels and underhopper parts are lined and thereby we reduce costs of renovating our machines. Liners are recommended to be supplied in a hardened version. At your request, we also supply nitride or bimetallic liners.

The maximum output of the extruder depends on the type of the extruded mixture.

For more information and price, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative for your region.

The list of extruders mentioned below is a basic offer. Based on your needs, we are able to modify these extruders according to your expectations and requirements.

Extruders for processing of silicone mixtures EB-S


ModelScrew and barrel Ø in mmOutput in kg/hOutput of main power in kWFeed roller
EB-S 757540 – 32030YES
EB-S 909080 – 42037YES

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