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Twin-screw Extruders

Our twin screw extruders EB–D are parallel – counterrotating and are suitable for processing PVC and other materials in the form of granulate or powder.
The controlled feeding of the basic materials is carried out by a  single-screw unit.

They are used, for example, for the extrusion of pipes, profiles, etc.

The basic series includes a wide range of sizes:

  • Screw diameters from 75 to 120 mm
  • Output capacity from ca 40 kg/h to 650 kg/h

With the VIRTUAL EXTRUSION LABORATORY™ programme we have the possibility to design each screw individually and manufacture it in our plant. We work together with our customers to design optimal system concepts according to their requirements and needs.

All our extruders are equipped with a control system with touchscreen for monitoring and operation. 

For further information, please contact our sales representative.

Twin-screw Extruders EB-D


ExtruderScrew diameter in mmOutput  in kg/hOutput of main power in kWTotal power in kW 
EB-D 752 x 75 40 - 25030ca 65
EB-D 902 x 9065 - 34037ca 85
EB-D 1072 x 10780 - 45055ca 110
EB-D 1202 x 120120 - 65074ca 165


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