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Training - extrusion of plastics

Technical course – training, intended for foremen, managers of technical sections, adjusters, technologists, designers and staff of plant maintenance and mechanics with a focus on users and processors, who are on the plastics and rubber market according to ISO standards about employees training.

Training program:

  • Plastic extrusion (HDPE, LDPE).
  • Machine settings and the effect of temperature parameters on extrusion.
  • Effect of cooling on the product.
  • Effect of haul-off speed on the product quality.
  • Efffect of input material on wear.
  • Wear of tools, screws and barrels.
  • Symptoms and detections of incipient wear.
  • The best-known and documented failure screws and barrels extrusion machines.
  • How to monitor and measure screw and barrel wear.
  • How to monitor and predict the lifetime of screws and barrels.
  • Practical examples of your machines, etc.

Lenght of training:

2 days


According to the agreement


At the customer


36.500,- CZK / without VAT (any number of participants)


Dotzauer Jan

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