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An important part of injection molds are thermocouples. Our offer includes all types of thermosensors. We offer thermosensors from Fe-CuNi (J), Ni-CrNi (K), PT100 and 2xPT50. We are able to supply each type of sensor if available.

The capping of the thermocouple head is done by point technology or by coupling. The delivery includes a electrical wiring that is insulated with a special woven glassfiber or silicone wrapper. If necessary, we can supply a spring that has a protective function and prevents breakage of the lead.
We have rich stock of all basic products. Deliveries are therefore very fast and flexible.

The most popular are Fe-CuNi (J) products. We store diameters 1 and 1.5 mm, 60 to 250 mm in length. These sensors have a wiring length of 1000 mm and 2000 mm.


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