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These lines, thanks to theirs flexibility, can process a wide range of plastic waste, especially PE, PP films and rigid plastic crushed material PP, PE, PS, ABS etc. All models of MARATHON LINE are controlled by latest PLC controlling system, which allows a large number of different user settings including saving of the recipes, user permissions, remote access and much more.
The new series is also characterized by a significantly reduced power consumption and thus saves production costs and alleviates the detrimental impact on ecology. What is more the technology allows to put the maximum possible amount of waste material back into the production.
Operating the machine is user-friendly and controlling is intuitive.

LINE TYPERM-V 300RM-V 400RM-V 500RM-V 650
Screw diameter80 mm90 mm100 mm120 mm
Main electric motor power75 kW90 kW132 kW200 kW
Agglomerator motor power55 kW75 kW132 kW160 kW
Line output200 – 300 kg/hr300 – 400 kg/hr400 – 550 kg/hr500 – 700 kg/hr