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The company BOCO on the basis of experience with modifications ensuring extreme wear resistence (corrosion and abrasion) is coming with a special offer of PVD plating for working screw areas and other parts based on CrN and TiN layers.

The layer thickness according to the type selection 0,002-0,009mm and the layer toughness according to the type selection 1750-2800 HV0.05.  


It extends the lifetime of hardened, nitrided and other similar standard thermal and heating treatments many times and it highly exceeds quality and range of use in comparison with hardchrome and other special surface treatments.



  • Very high wear and abrasion resistance
  • Very high corrosion, oxidation and other solvent resistence
  • Very low coeficient of friction (many times lower when comparing with nitrided or hardchrome surface treatment)
  • The tendency to sticking processed materials is extremely reduced when using adhesion properties with low adhesiveness
  • Homogenous quality ensures high end-product protection against scratching when operating and cleaning.

Final efect:

  • Increasing production and product quality.

Moreover we offer an enlarged CrN layer application with PVD plating:

  • CrN-MOD-modified layer = product with very high wear resistence, extremely low tendency to sticking, suitable for manufacturing plastics and elastomers with high adhesion such as PMMA, POM, PUR, NBR, NR, EPDM, SBR, FPM, Fluoro-caoutchouc (PTFE, Viton), natural and synthetic rubber mixtures, modifiers, rubber compounds etc.
    Layer thickness 0.003-0.009mm, toughness 2200–2700 HV0.05.
  • CrN-MULTI-multilayer = product with very high wear resistence, especially high corrosion resistence, high level of oxidation resistence, very smooth surface suitable for manufacturing plastics (eg. during injection molding, extrusion, blow molding) such as PA reinforced with glass-fiber, PVC, PC, ABS, etc.
    The total thickness of layers with medium PURE chrome layer 0.003-0.009mm, toughness 2100-2500 HV0.05.

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