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In December 2019, we successfully handed over our new EPDM co-extruder EB-K 45/14 to SaarGummi division in India. This machine has upgraded our EB-K 40/14 standard range to meet the demanding customer requirements.
The SaarGummi Group operates worldwide, develops and manufactures rubber products since 1947, and its activities mainly include the automotive and construction industries. SaarGummi Group has been our customer for more than ten years, and we have already delivered several co-extruders, laboratory extruders and new screws to their plants in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Mexico, Spain and currently the latest co-extruders to distant India.
The second identical machine will be ready in our company next February. We are very pleased that our solution has succeeded in great competition, giving us the opportunity to deliver our technology to the other side of the world, a very dynamic market with huge demands in terms of price and quality.

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