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Company Toyoda Gosei Czech, s.r.o., faced the problem of unstable dosing of the input material and pulsation of the extrusion output of its two co-extruders, which caused the fluctuating quality of the final product. As this is our long-standing business partner, our development and research department offered its knowledge of this issue and proposed a solution through simulations. By mutual agreement, operational tests were carried out. They proved that the proposed solution, which consisted in changing the way the input material was dosed, was correct. Based on this experience, our company designed a hardware solution that solved the problem. 
Thanks to this opportunity and the subsequent solution designed by our design engineers, we can proudly say that we are further deepening our experience and expanding the know-how of BOCO PARDUBICE machines.
We would like to thank Toyoda Gosei Czech for their trust and we believe in mutual and long-term cooperation.

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