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Laboratory extruders EB-L

We introduce our new range of laboratory extruders EB-L, developed specifically for testing thermoplastics (EB-30 L) and EPDM rubber mixtures (EB-L 40). The EB-L 30 can process input material in the form of both classical granules and powders. Type EB-L 40 is ready to be filled with rubber tape or granules.

Our extruders are designed for a specific or testing production to detect defects in material or any impurities. With our laboratory extruders you can verify the characteristic of material outside serial production.

Both of the extruders are equipped with a sensor for measuring melt temperature and pressure.

For more information and price, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative for your region.

Laboratory extruders EB-L

EB-L 30 / 30

Extruder output2-10 kg/h
Screw and barrel diameter30 mm
Screw working lenght30 L/D
Total input9 kW
Output of main power7,5 kW

EB-L 40 / 14

Extruder output3-15 kg/h
Screw and barrel diameter40 mm
Screw working lenght14 L/D
Total input7 kW
Output of main power4 kW