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Extrusion lines for production of pipes and tubes

The screw of the extruder is equipped with a barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns new style grooves. All of them offer good plastification and mixing effect. Special design of basket die head for HDPE (PP, ABS), large diameter pipe with a thick wall offers lower melting temperature, good mixing, lower pressure of cavity, and stable production.

Special design for sizing and cooling system by using film and water ring to cool HDPE (PP, ABS) material, which can meet the requirement of HDPE (PP, ABS). And the design can ensure the stability of diameter and roundness when producing the pipe with a thick wall. The special design of vacuum sizing tank can ensure the stability of size and roundness, speed controllers are used in the
extruder, haul-off to offer stability and precision. The whole line adopts PLC control system and a large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient.

The line can be equipped with another extruder used for extruding the mark line. Single screw extruder, very suitable for processing PE resin with high capacity, max capacity 1000 kg/h.

The production line adopts a reasonable design, absorbs safe producing technology, acquires CE certificate. The diameter range is 16 mm - 800 mm and it can be changed into inch standard so as to meet clients' special requirements.

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