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Extrusion line for production of flat films

Company BOCO PARDUBICE is a manufacturer of one of the biggest extrusion devices which is operated in the EU and also fulfills high standart and demanding technical requirements.

This is an extrusion and co-extrusion part of the extrusion line for the production of waterproofing films in the range of 8 meters of PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP.

Extruder BOCOMATIC EB 250 – 38 L/D is a part of the extrusion line and is powered by electric drive of 900 kW (extrusion screw of the diameter 250 mm and the total length of 10 000 mm and maximal output of 3000 kg/h). Extruder BOCOMATIC EB 160 – 38 L/D with the main electrical drive of 500kW is a part of the coextrusion line (extrusion screw of the diameter 160 mm and the total length of 6500 mm and maximal output 1700 kg/h).

Extruders with their power and quality parameters were incorporated into the project that belonged to the largest investment programs in the Czech Republic between the years 2005-2007 with the support of grants from EU funds.

Extrusion line for production of flat films

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