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Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ - Design and development software

Application content:

Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™

  • How to define the extruder
  • Sheet - Basic Info, Barrel, Screw, Material, Friction coefficients, Temperatures sheet, Pressure - exit
  • Creating screw geometry
  • Barrier Screw
  • Increase in melting capacity
  • Notes of the calculated end pressure value during solution
  • How to define screw sections (section length, barrier screw etc.)
  • Existing geometry optimization
  • Creating geometry – nodes
  • Creating geometry– outline boundaries
  • Notes of the material assignment
  • Generating FEM grid
  • Testing geometry
  • Project definition - Linked geometry
  • Project definition – Material

  • Project definition – Iterations

  • Notes of solution conditions

  • Project solution

  • Result visualization and screw (geometry) analysis

  • Graphic results

  • Results viewing

  • How to get the best results

  • Notes of the shear stress problem and the FEM grid density

  • Adding the super-element - taking a control of the FEM division in critical locations

  • Generating FEM grid

  • Project redefinition - linking with the super-element geometry

  • Field

  • Create/edit pathline gri

  • Cut

  • Drawn Output - project definition

  • Coextrusion of two materials

  • Results

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