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Compounding line BOCOMATIC

Plastic compounding is a process during which the extra materials (additives) are added into a melted plastic base. The result is a production of material with desired qualities. This proces changes the physical, thermal, electrical or aesthetic characteristics of the plastic material. Wide range of materials can be proccesed by the compounding lines, e.g. PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, engineering thermoplastics – PA, PET, PC, ABS, PBT, PPS, material sensitive to heat or shear – thermoplastic rubber, foamed polymer, XLPE, etc.
The compounding lines are interesting for their low energy consumption. Optimal and extremely gentle product compounding, because of higher filling degree and lower melt temperature, is ensured.

Compounding line BOCOMATIC


LINE TYPEEB-K 26EB-K 42EB-K 65EB-K 77EB-K 92EB-K 130
Screw diameter26 mm42 mm65 mm77 mm92 mm130 mm
Main electric motor power5,5 - 11 kW55 - 75 kW90 - 110 kW160 - 200 kW315 - 500 kW600 - 900 kW
Line output5 - 50 kg/hr40 - 120 kg/hr100 - 300 kg/hr250 - 650 kg/hr500 - 1300 kg/hr1200 - 3000 kg/hr

Note: Screw diameter and main electric motor power are variable and it is possible to adapt production requirements.

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