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HCP Watchdog sensor against leaking plastics

e.g. on the injection molding nozzle, mold inlets, etc.

In common production of plastic parts on injection molding machines, leakage occurs between the nozzle / mould connection resulting in plastic material leakage. The plastic can go along the nozzle all the way down to the heating belts, and cover even the entire length of the barrel / cylinder and all heating belts and cause significant problems and damage.

HCP Watchdog sensor against leaking plastics

Installing a HCP watchdog sensor prevents the following damage:

  • soiling of the barrel  
  • devaluation of heating belts
  • devaluation of thermal insulation covers (if installed on the machine)
  • machine downtime for cleaning and exchanging heating belts when the machine cannot produce

Installation of the HCP watchdog sensor:

Checking point of the sensor is installed on the machine nozzle and detects plastic motion on the nozzle surface.

Evaluating sensor part can be placed anywhere on the machine. In case the plastics leaks on the nozzle surface, the sensor signals error and the machine is stopped (after finishing individual product).

Error signalization can be done be using light beacon and sound siren.

The installation of the watchdog sensor against plastic leaking is universal for all machine types.

You can achieve significant financial savings thanks to the sensor installation:

  • for purchase of new heating belts and thermal insulating covers
  • for time spent on cleaning, dismounting and assembling new heating belts
  • for downtime during machine repairs